My tribute to Ayrton Senna

I really enjoyed this 🙂


I had the privilege and the pleasure to work closely to Ayrton for over 4 years and to have known him for another 7 years. So much has been said and published about him it is impossible to be original and very difficult to be creative. So I’d like to mark his birthday  by publishing a few of his best quotes to the public and a few things he said to me in private.

Today he would have turned 54. Sometimes I still think I will bump into him somewhere: at the Berkeley’s Hotel, where he used to stay when in London; at Wimbledon, where we bumped into each other in 1987; in the kIngs Road when he brought his last girlfriend Adriane Galisteu. I will be posting these stories separately from today until 1st May.

Ayrton giving an interview, I am near him

Here are my chosen quotes. Of course, I  have no intention of…

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