Champions League Predictions

It’s getting to that time of year again. The European leagues are coming to a conclusion and the crowning jewel that is the Champions League enters its final phases. Today I’ll take a look at the quarter final fixtures and who I think will progress.


Real Madrid vs Borussia Dortmund

I fear for the Germans in this tie. Real Madrid steamrolled through the group stage and are looking strong. Although they’ve lost two of the last three in the league, I don’t see them losing against an ever weakening Dortmund. It won’t be a forgone conclusion though, as Robert Lewandowski provides an ever-present threat, demonstrated when he scored four against Madrid last year.

Prediction: Real Madrid.


Chelsea vs PSG

I don’t think this tie will be as close as it looks on paper. PSG have been very good this year but I don’t think they will have what it takes to beat the 2012 champions. With Hazard and Schurrle hitting fine form, it will be difficult to see PSG holding them at bay. In my opinion Ibrahimovic is an absolutely fantastic player, but is over-hyped. Although he is likely to bag a goal or two, the man that will win this tie will be Jose Mourinho. The tactical master, he won’t get this one wrong.

Prediction: Chelsea.


Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid

Arguably the tie of the round, this match up could go either way. With Atletico and Barcelona slugging it out at the top of La Liga, this will provide another platform for these two teams to do battle. The pace of the game is likely to be higher than a reguler La Liga match, but played with the same intensity. No one will want to lose this, but you feel whoever loses will stand a better chance in the league. Going with my heart and saying Diego Costa will lead the line admirably.

Prediction: Atletico Madrid.


Diego Costa

Diego Costa


Manchester United vs Bayern Munich

Anything can happen in football and that is why we love it. However, Man United will simply not have enough to beat Bayern that has remarkably improved from it’s treble winning side last year. Having scraped through against Olympiakos, the flaws Manchester United have will be magnified, then blown apart. No mercy, the Bayern juggernaut will continue.

Prediction: Bayern Munich.


What do you think? Have I got my predictions spot on or am I another plonker who doesn’t know a football from a rugby ball? Let me know in the comments below!


Photo: Denis Doyle / Getty Images


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